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Daftar Lagu Korea Lover Terbaru

  Agus Nur Ikhsan       Rabu, 04 Januari 2012
Daftar Lagu Korea Januari 2012 Billboard
1: You and I, IU
2: Trouble Maker, Hyun A & Jang Hyun Seung
3: We Used To Be In Love, Davichi & T-ara
4: Cry Cry, T-ara
5: Every Time I Hear This Song, Huh Gak & LE(EXID)
6: To Live, Noel7: Be My Baby, Wonder Girls
8: Don't Be a Fool, Ali
9: Closer, Kim Yun Woo
10: Echo, Kim Bo Kyung

11: The Western SKy, ULALA SESSION
12: I Miss You, Noel
13: Farewell Love, Lee Young Hyun
14: I Believe, Lee Seungn Chul & Christina Love Lee
15: One Person, 8Eight
16: Funny Hunny, Orange Caramel
17: Ma Boy 2, Electro Boyz (Feat. Hyorin)
18: I Loved You, Park Wan Kyu
19: Fool, JEA (Brown Eyed Girls)
20: Oppa, Oppa, Donghae + Eunhyuk

21: MY MY, Apink
22: All I Can Say is, I Want To Die, Huh Gak
23: More Than A Flower, Young Jun (Brown Eyed Soul)
24: Uncle, IU (Feat. Lee Juck)
25: Secret, IU
26: I'm Upset, Zia
27: Gone, Brown Eyed Soul Saturday, January 07, 2012 1:00 PM2 Machsa band
28: The Boys, Girls' Generation
29: Early Merry Christmas, IU (Feat. Thunder of MBLAQ)
30: Lately, Infinite

31: Friends, Lee Seung Gi
32: Spy, Monday Kiz
33: A Man and A Woman, 4Men & Mi
34: Clock-Hand, Shinyoo
35: Entertainer, Leessang
36: What Do You Know?, NS Yoon-G
37: Too Much Tears, Suzy
38: People In Seoul, Busker Busker
39: For KISS Me, U-Kiss
40: Mr. TAXI (Korean Vers.), Girls' Generation

41: Winter Night, Jang Jae In
42: Don't Say Goodbye, Davichi
43: Love.. That Guy, Yim Jae-Beum
44: Love Is Move, Secret
45: I Don't Know Where It is, Lucid Fall
46: Could You Be My Half?, Lydia
47: I'm In Love, Punita Bajaj
48: I Want To Fall In Love, Kim Johan49: Girls Girls, Wonder Girls
50: It Hurts, Baek Ji Young

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