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Talent info Ninja saga "1"

Posted by Agus Nur Ikhsan on Senin, 25 April 2011

Extreme Talent - From the Ninja Saga
          Extreme skills that can only be inherited. You must be level 40 or above and have passed the Jounin Exam. You can have 1 extreme talent only and if you have been choosen you can not unlearn again. Some skills needed token to acquire them and some only need gold. Token talent is the best than gold talent.

Eye of Mirror (Premium only)
          An ancient eyeskill that grant users with strong vision and perception, but it also brings huge physical burden. 

Eight Extremities
          This talent focuses on flexibility of 8 body parts, and the art of taijutsu. Explosivepower can be achieved under extreme mode but there will be serious side effects.

Dark Eye
          Combine eye skill with acupuncture skill to give user with ability to look through target's nerves and meridians.

Deadly Performance
          Dead Bone performer can summon deceased beings in battles. Advance performer can manipulate more dead bones at the same time.

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