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Talent info Ninja saga "2"

  Agus Nur Ikhsan       Senin, 25 April 2011
ecret Talent - From the Ninja Saga

   Hidden skills that are passed by generations to generations. You must be level 50 to acquire primary secret talent. You must be level 60 and reach ninja rank to acquire secondary secret talent.Some skills needed token to acquire them and some only need gold.

Demon Sound
          The Demon Sound is combined by the elements of Thunder and Wind. User interferes
target with different kinds of sounds and music.

Explosive Lava 
          Explosive Lava is combined with the elements of Fire and Earth. User damage by ignition and explosion.

Hidden Silhouette (Premium only)
          Silhouette user manipulates human shadows to restrict and control target. Advance users can incarnate shadows into physical objects and attack target directly.

Enraged Forest
          The Enraged Forest is combined with the elements of Water and Earth. Users manipulate the growth of tree and uses wood to attack target.


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